Thermal Curtain Buying Guide


1- What is a thermal insulation curtain?

A thermal curtain helps keep your home's temperature regulated all year round and allows you to save energy.

2 - How do Moondream thermal curtains work?

What makes our Moondream thermal insulated curtains different is that they focus on heat rays reflection. We have developed a special metallized fabric that works like a survival blanket.

We know that, in winter, the main issue is heat loss, in fact 70% of the heat created inside a room will go through the windows. Our goal was to solve this problem: “How can we keep the heat inside the room in winter and outside in summer?”

We have found that the only way to create a really effective thermal curtain was to reflect heat rays. This innovative insulation solution developed by Moondream is able to lower indoor temperatures by several degrees in summer, and save 46% on your energy bill in winter.

3 - Can I shorten my curtains?

All out thermal curtains (excluding Premium models) are delivered with an iron-on tape allowing you to adjust the length of your curtains by a few centimeters to fit your windows. This step-by-step tutorial explains how to use the iron-on tape. Please note that linings are intentionally a few centimeters shorter, as the iron-on tape is only to be applied on the first layer of fabric. To secure the hem, we recommend that you add a few stitches on both edges.

For a bigger hem, the iron-on tape may not be enough. However, we strongly recommend that you do not cut these curtains yourself due to their construction in several layers. Please entrust this task to a professional. If you need specific dimensions, you can also order a custom-made curtain.

4 - Can I hang my Moondream thermal insulation curtains close to a radiator?

Our insulation curtain reflects heat rays. If you hang your curtain in front of a radiator, heat rays will be "trapped" in between the wall and the curtain, preventing heat diffusion inside the room.

Please note that it is also not recommended to hang any curtain in direct contact with a radiator, as this could be dangerous especially if the fabric is not treated to be fire-retardant.

5 - Can I use my Moondream thermal curtains outdoors?

Our insulation curtain is intended for indoor use. Its different layers of fabric are not treated to be weather resistant.

As for heat rays reflection, the tests were conducted indoors, so that we cannot guarantee the curtains' effectiveness or their resistance outdoors.

Moondream also offers a range of outdoor curtains which we recommend if you need a curtain for your balcony or your terrace.

6 - Can I hang my curtain elsewhere than in front of a window?

Absolutely, our insulation curtain can be used in front of a door, in a hallway or a staircase.

The only requirement is to completely cover the area, that is to say the entire door and its frame, or to fix the rod as close as possible to the ceiling in a hallway or staircase.

7 - Can I sew your Moondream thermal insulation curtain on the back of my own curtain?

We have thermal linings solely made for this purpose. They also work like survival blankets. This is the most aesthetic and practical solution if you want to keep your curtains.

8 - What is a difference between a thermal curtain and a thermal sheer?

The main difference is the front fabric. As its name suggests, thermal sheer allows daylight to pass through, while a thermal curtain is made with a thicker fabric, which makes it dim out or blackout depending on the model. Both products reflect heat rays.

9 - Is it possible to have a thermal insulation curtain that also blocks the light?

Absolutely, these curtains are made with blackout fabric. We call them Thermal Blackout Curtains.

10 - Which Moondream product is the most effective for heat insulation in summer?

The best option would be our Summer thermal lining. Then, it will depend on the type of thermal product you are looking for: a curtain, a sheer or a lining.

You can compare all our thermal insulation products performances here.

11 - Is it possible to buy an insulation curtain by the metre or made to measure?

We do not sell fabric by the metre, but you can order your custom-made thermal curtain or lining here.

12 - Can I wash and/or iron my thermal curtains or linings?

If you have to clean a small spot, it is possible to use a slightly damp cloth or sponge over the fabric to clean the area in question.

Machine washing is not an option, most thermal insulated curtains must be dry cleaned. You will find the maintenance instructions for each model on its product page.

Insulation curtains can be ironed, but only at low temperature, on the front fabric side and not the lining.

13 - Are the winter & summer thermal blackout curtains reversible?

Our winter & summer thermal blackout curtains protect you all year round. Moondream has developed an exclusive process to provide equally effective technical performance regardless of the lining's side exposed to heat rays.

Aesthetically, thermal curtains and thermal sheers are not reversible because the front and the back of the curtain are not identical. The lining should be facing the window.

14 - What is the best thermal curtain for a kitchen / living room / bedroom?

All of our curtains will reflect heat rays regardless of the fabric we use for the first layer.

The final choice will depend on your needs: if you want to enjoy daylight, direct your choice towards thermal sheers. If, on the contrary, you are looking for something blackout as well as thermal, pick one of our thermal blackout curtains.