The heading is the top of your curtain. This is an important choice, since it will determine the style of your curtain but also its installation. You will find below the different options and their characteristics.


The eyelet is the most contemporary and practical finish. It consists of brass rings (stainless steel) with an inner diameter of 4 cm. Our eyelets are available in 3 very trendy matte colors:

  • Gunmetal
Oeillet canon de fusil

  • Black
Oeillet noir

  • Silver

  • Gold
Oeillet doré

Pencil Pleat

This finish consists of a thick fabric tape sewn at the top of the curtain, with strings threaded through it, allowing the curtain to be gathered. This tape is 2.7" (7cm) high. Then we position hooks (supplied) to hang the curtain on a track or a curtain rod with special rings.

Galon fronceur

To install your pencil pleat curtain, please watch our video tutorial:

Rod Pocket

This finish consists of a pocket hem sewn across the top of the curtain in which a rod can slip through. The curtain rod is hidden. Our rod pocket is 3cm wide, the diameter of your rod must be smaller.

We do not recommend this heading type when it comes to large widths and heavy curtains (soundproof).

Passe tringle

Below is the specific rod pocket finish for the 4-in-1 room divider curtain:


To install your rod pocket curtain, please watch our video tutorial:

Pinch Pleat

The pinch pleat is a more formal and elegant finish. The head of the curtain has single folds at regular intervals (10 cm). The hooks are supplied and sewn on the curtain.

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Double Pinch Pleat

The double pinch pleat is a variation of the pinch pleat (see above). The head of the curtain has double folds at regular intervals (10 cm). The hooks are supplied and sewn on the curtain. For larger widths, the hooks are in metal and the head of the curtain is reinforced.


Hooks (for linings only)

The hooks allow you to easily attach a lining to the back of a curtain whether with pencil pleat or eyelets.

Passe tringle

To install your lining, please check our photo tutorial:

With a pencil pleat curtain

Galons fronceurs

1 - Take down your pencil pleat curtain
2 - Gather the lining to match the width of your curtain
3 - Insert the hook into the heading tape of the lining
4 - Insert the hook into the heading tape of the curtain
5 - Snap the hook closed
6 - Repeat the previous three steps for the whole width of the lining
7 - Hang your curtain

With an eyelet curtain


What about the curtain rod?

Important: Rods/tracks are not supplied or sold on our website. If you are not already equipped, you will first have to determine the heading type of your curtain in order to make the right choice.

For an aesthetic result and when possible, your rod must be fixed at least 15cm above your window, and extend approximately 20cm beyond on each side.

We also draw your attention to the weight of a made-to-measure product, which can be significant if you order a soundproof curtain and/or a large width. Your rod will have to be securely fixed to the wall or ceiling. A central support may be required for very large widths.


The INNER diameter of your rod should not exceed 3cm. Plan to leave a space of at least 2.5 cm between the top of the rod and your ceiling, to match the fabric above the eyelet.

eyelets measure


You can choose a track or a curtain rod with special rings, see below:

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