You can choose to divide your custom curtain into 1 or 2 panels to cover your curtain rod:

One panel for my curtain rod

Great choice for small curtain rod widths or if your window is in the corner of the room. The curtain folds up on the left or right side, and can be held with a tieback (not supplied).

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Two panels for my curtain rod

Recommended for large curtain rod widths and if you have space on either side of your window, for a symmetrical and elegant look.
Our soundproof curtains being heavy, we recommend that you choose 2 panels to cover a curtain rod wider than 150 cm to distribute the weight.

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Stitching between widths

As the width of any fabric roll is limited, to make wide curtains, we need to sew several widths together. This is why, for curtains that require a fabric consumption of more than 130cm or 140 cm wide (depending on the fabric chosen), there will be a discreet seam.

Rest assured that it will be hidden in the folds of the curtain, more or less depending on the heading type you will choose and its coefficient.

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For linings: they are only available in 1 panel. If you have several curtains, you will have to make a lining (1 panel) per curtain.